Jacob Hartmann
Programmer - Student - Problem Solver


Project Oasis - What started out as my room automation portal, which used a C++ server running ENET. Now the Project has an international reach, and the automation portal is the responsibility of the Research and Development Department. I sit on the Board of Directors and help make important decisions.
Imposing Hosting - Web, game, and voice hosting. Mostly entertains private consumers, such as friends, some parts of Project Oasis, and this site.
Common Core - I am actively pushing for the reconsideration of the Common Core State Standards and the PARCC Exam.
BYOND Host - BYOND's first true automated hosting panel. I am currently in the process of rewriting this from scratch.


Howdy! I am Jacob Hartmann. I am a self-taught C++ programmer, undergrad at Ocean County College (Computer Science/Information Technology), and an excellent problem solver. Currently, I am focusing all my efforts into my profession and what I love - software development.

Over the years, I've worked on numerous projects, including a room automation system, game hosting control panels, affordable and modular infrastructure, and off-the-grid communication systems

I am also a licensed amateur radio (general KD2HCN), Eagle Scout, Beachwood Police Explorer, space enthusiast, and I am CPR and PADI SCUBA certified. I hold several technical certifications, which can be found below.


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